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Tiboo Hotel Booking Engine

Your own hotel’s website booking engine provides you with the best opportunity for direct sales increase. Choose from our wide range of intuitive, elegant and responsive booking engine templates to match your own website.Also,customers need and provide your guests with a personalized and enjoyable booking experience.

  • Add Meal Packages Option
  • Aesthetic, intuitive and responsive
  • Easily customizable
  • Self Check in Facility
  • Self Food Order Facilitate (QR | Link)

What is a Tiboo hotel booking engine?

A Tiboo hotel booking engine (or hotel reservation system) with Guest Food order Facility (QR code or Link) is a software integrated on your hotels’ website and social media pages, that lets you acquire and process commission-free direct bookings. Guests can check the availability and book their stay directly from your hotel websites. Any type and size of accommodation providers viz. hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, B&Bs, guest houses, and groups of hotels can have the booking engine integrated with their website.

What is a Tiboo QR Order System?

A Tiboo QR Order System (DIRECT SELLING: TAKE ORDERS FASTER AND SAVE MONEY) Tiboo allows you to manage all orders on a single portal. managers monitor the order status and history, guests get faster service. You will increase the turnover and customer satisfaction with a single tool. This option is the best solution for your busy customers. With Tiboo they just request takeaway, make payment and get prepared meals even faster than the fast-food drive orders. The statistics show that the takeaway/home delivery solution increases clients.